Off The Wall Marketing was founded in 2013 when Scott Maguire and Mike DiFilippo found a need in the event industry for a company that could provide professionals with affordable quality marketing tools. With background in design, layout, print, sales, photography, video, social media, and much more the team at Off The Wall Marketing can bring a fresh eye to your business.

Scott Maguire owns JS Photo Video, a photography and video studio that has been doing business in NJ for over 40 years. With a solid background in customer relations and sales as well as photography his skill set can help you and your team take that next step forward.

Mike DiFilippo has his BFA in Photography as well as knowledge in video, design, layout, as well as sales. His skill set is quite extensive and ever evolving to keep up with trends and technology.

Contact Off The Wall Marketing today to see how they can help you make your next move.

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